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ball water feature,sphere fountains

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Expiration Date: 2015-12-12


If you are looking for Ball Fountain ,Rolling water sphere fountain for your home garden.We make floating sphere ,water powered Balls in all Natural Stone, and to any size.

One of our world famous water parks ball water Feature is the most remembered water feature in the world.
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The Eye Catching Floating Granite ball Water Fountain

Our Stone spheres Water Feature are massive pieces of high precision solid stone, floating and rotating freely with the water as it flows from beneath the sphere ,Kugel floating granite ball. Available in spheres diameters from 6" to 120''.

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We have very vast range of water sculpture items rotating/ oscillating/spinning on the principal of hydrostatic bearing. Our all water fountain are very unique cause of sevraltons of stone objects like floating sphere (10 cm to 200 cm), floating ring/whell (60 cm to 200cm), floating cone, dule motion sphere
fountain, Dancing & rotating doll, etc move on thin film of water with very low water pressure. Also manufacturing of Granite vessal sink, knobs, pulls, bowls, vanity, column, slabs

Company Data

Company Name brahma granitech
Account Status Unverified
Country India
Company Location india
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