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Sugar Crystalliser Drive

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Price: 500,- USD (384,62 EUR2) *
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Agnee 0
Place of Origin: India
Current Location: E-3, Industrial Estate, Kota, Rajasthan-324007
Year of Manufacturing: 1969
Minimum Order: 1 once
Supply Ability: 100 per Month
Delivery Time: 45 Days


AGNEE offers easy-to-fit, shaft mounted Crystalliser drives rated up to 10.0 HP, and for output speeds 1 to 0.25 RPM to cover standard range of horizontal type sugar crystallisers 30 T to 150 T capacities and up to 350 T capacity for vertical crystallisers. Developed after an in-depth study of typical crystalliser installations, AGNEE crystalliser drive employs high efficiency spur gearing instead of conventionally used worm gearing. The overall efficiency of AGNEE crystalliser drives is better than 90% and the installed motor rating is optimally used resulting in attractive savings in power consumption.
The drive arrangement consist of electric motor a multi-stage planetary gear reducer and a single stage spur gear transmission. The electric motor is flanged-mounted to the input of the planetary gear reducer, which in turn is flange-mounted to the input of spur gear transmission. The hollow input of the spur transmission can be keyed directly on to the crystalliser shaft. The drive unit can be aligned in a convenient direction with respect to the crystalliser axis and its torque arm structure is to be bolted at the convenient place. No other additional structure, such as base frames or any couplings are required. The drive unit is completely enclosed & oil-tight. All internals including bearings are oil-lubricated, oil change is recommended only once a season.

Company Data

Company Name Agro Engineers
Account Status Unverified
Country India
Company Location E-3, Industrial Estate, Kota
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