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Among the products that Penglas Yapi supplies for the clients most are PVC profiles. The marketed PVC profiles are also of European and Turkish origin and are produced for each kind of window and door that is sold and constructed all over the world. With its up-to-date technical knowledge, Penglas Yapi LTD is always ready to provide the best profiles in the most technological way and with the most qualified method in the modern world. With its international and local partners, Penglas Yapi LTD can provide the most qualified Turkish and European profiles for clients with different purchasing powers. For instance, Schueco, which is worldwidely known, is the German brand that is represented best by us in Turkey thanks to its assigning Penglas Yapi as its biggest and main dealer of all kinds of aluminum and PVC profiles that it produces. Likewise, the Turkish brands manufactured in the country have always trusted Penglas Yapi owing to its excellent representing capability that it has gained since the beginning of its activities in the sector. Therefore, all the brands in the Turkish market are in cooperation with Penglas Yapi LTD, which helps us to grow our customer demand while bringing together customer satisfaction as well. One more point that should be mentioned as well is that Penglas Yapi has workers and engineers that have the certain know-how to build Windows and doors out of PVC profiles. The certificates we have for construction and working atmosphere all conform to European standards and are constantly tested.

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Having been in the sector for more than ten years with a good import and export experience,
we are a Turkish firm that supplies and produces all-purpose pvc and aluminium profiles for doors and windows, PVC (foam isolated and filled) sandwitch panels and door panels, borders and hardware...etc (all kinds of related materials and accessories), aluminum accessories, composite panels and all related accessories to build aluminum doors, windows and shutters; and finished pvc and aluminum windows, doors and shutters of course. We would like to cooperate with companies all over the world that are interested in pvc profiles, shutters and all kinds of related accessories. We guarantee you the quality and durability of our products.
Since we are the main dealer of the brand, Schuco, here in Turkey, we generally use its profiles. In addition profiles, we also sell and export PVC accessories and simple machines. However, we are not restricted to only one brand we have been selling and exporting nearly all Turkish brands' profiles and can arrange the most qualified products with the most affordable prices. You are free to choose your brand; all you must do is to define your desired prices.
You can have a look at the pictures of the profiles we have added to Alibaba then define your product with your desired prices.


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Company Name Penglas Yapi PVC Alüminyum Sanayi Ticaret Limited Şirketi
Account Status Unverified
Country Turkey
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