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What is RSS?

RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication" and is a dialect of XML created to allow lists of information, known as "feeds", to be published by content producers and subscribed to by readers.

What is the Benefit of an RSS feed?

An RSS feeds enables you to keep automatic track of recent information posted on a website without having to visit that website on a regular interval. As soon as some new information is available, the RSS feed is updated and the subscribers of the feed will be notified. There are many sites on the internet who offer RSS feeds. Most of them are Newsfeeds or Blogfeeds.
On we offer an RSS feed that keeps you up to date about any new products on the site. RSS feeds are offered in each category or you can even subscribe to an RSS feed on your search result page.
The biggest obstacle when using RSS for the first time, is to find the best way for you how to read that RSS feed. Once you accomplished that, you will never stop to use RSS again.
There are many options to read an RSS feed Sites like "My Yahoo", "My MSN", "Google Homepages" offer tools to manange your RSS feed. Whenever an RSS feed is offered, you will see a small RSS Icon RSS on the right side of the address bar of your browser. A good starting point for you is to click on that icon and follow the instructions that are offered by modern browsers like Firefox or Google Chrome or the newer Internet Explorer versions.

How to use RSS readers?

RSS feeds can be read by programs called "RSS Readers" (or Aggregator). You have to enter the address (URL) of the Feed in the RSS Reader program. For this enter the URL which is linked to the RSS Icon RSS in the right toolbar of
Read more about how to use RSS Readers and find a list of programs and download locations in this Wikipedia article.


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